eBitcoin (eBTC) is a secure, modern means of digital payment that reduces transaction costs between participating merchants and consumers while providing a long-term solution to blockchain problems in cost, convertibility, transferability, and scalability that plague other platforms and exchanges alike. eBTC is a better Bitcoin; one that’s competently managed and fully distributed.

The primary utility of the eBTC token is to provide an easy and fast payment solution with respectable transaction fees. It will be the primary payment method used in the eBitcoin Ecosystem.  

eBTC has an edge over all existing cryptocurrencies on the Ethereum blockchain as no other token on Ethereum including ETH itself is capable of sending multiple payments in a single transaction. 

eBitcoin is “Eco-Friendly”, means a pre-mined, fully-distributed on static deployment platform that operationally reduces energy cost compared to the alternatives.

eBitcoin (eBTC) allows holders to make up to 255 payments in a single transaction saving large amounts of time, energy, and costs.


Coinbase Wallet the secure app to store eBTC yourself

  • All your digital assets in one place
  • Use Decentralized Apps
  • Pay friends, not addresses




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eBTC as a community-driven token needs support too!
So with this donation pages, we can collect funds to support the development of the project, entering to new exchanges and many else for eBitcoin eco-system. Your donation will boost eBitcoin well! Thank you!